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Phulbari Montessori Follows international Level of Curriculums for Children

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Services like Mobile App, Website & Online Classes for Parents to track there Child's Activity.

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Phulbari Montessori have Well Trained and Certified Teachers for students.



Phulbari Montessori Provides an innovative, nurturing and stimulating environment where children develop independence, confidence and a positive sense of self and the world around them. The Phulbari Montessori curriculum is designed to involve children in experiences that enhance language, literacy, music, movement, art and socialization.




In an environment rooted in respect and compassion, Phulbari Montessori strive to nourish each child's spirit and provide a protective space for him or her to grow. 


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---- Igniting the spark of genius in every child.

# We Work to Understand Your Kids Needs

We Provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere that enhaces self-concept, instills basic moral values, encourages social interaction, and enriches awareness of the natural and cultural world. We're a warm and loving community of preschoolers, teachers and parents who inspire imagination, creativity and play for every learner. 
Phulbari Montessori is one of the Best Montessori in Nepal. Phulbari Montessori has a very nice playground with a natural environment situated in Birendranagar-10, Surkhet, Nepal. Montessori in Surkhet named Phulbari Montessori has become one of the best choices for parents in context of choosing Montessori in Surkhet Nepal. Phulbari Montessori follows the rules and regulations of Maria Montessori. Phulbari Montessori is registered under the government and became guthi Montessori. Phulbari Montessori is a non-profitable Montessori in Surkher, Nepal. Phulbari Montessori is not profit-oriented Montessori we have value for our kids. :) For other information: Contact: 083523194 / 9848049440




As a Montessori, Phulbari Montessori currently have 4 different programs: PG, Nursery, LKG and UKG.





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